Descent to Antikythera


Underwater visibility on the site has been astounding. (Photo by Brett Seymour EUA / ARGO NGO)
Divers descend down the slope of Antikytera to the  56m / 180ft depth of the site. Notice the two dive platforms in the image.. (Photo by Brett Seymour EUA / ARGO NGO)
On site, the team excavated with dredge and occasionally by hand-fanning the sediments, with bright lights illuminating the scene. Here Dr. Brendan Foley and Dr Alex Tourtas excavate and record the location of the finds while Gemma Smith provides lighting and Evan Kovacs films the excavation. (Photo by Brett Seymour EUA / ARGO NGO)
All finds recorded immediately by still and video camera, and entered into our GIS database via a tablet computer in an underwater housing. Here Dr. Alex Tourtas hovers over an area where pin flags have been placed based on metal detector readings. (Photo by Brett Seymour EUA / ARGO NGO)