Welcome to the 2015 Excavation

Team members have been arriving in Antikythera from around the world over the last few days, using all modes of transport ranging from the standard ferries, to a helicopter transit provided by our good friends at Costa Navarino.

Our two dive boats from Crete and Alimos are in Antikythera, with the mother ship, MV Glaros due shortly, which is generously provided by the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation.

Thousands of kilograms of equipment and supplies have also been arriving, literally tonnes of material to support diving operations and the team for the next few weeks. The main task for this week is preparation, ready for first dives on the wreck on Sunday or Monday, depending on the weather.

Some may not realize how logistically demanding this project is, taking science to new limits on a number of fronts.

Stay tuned!