Press releases

4/10/2017 Press Release about the 2017 expedition

4/10/2017 Official Press Release (in Greek) about the 2017 expedition

21/6/2016 (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution): Artifacts Discovered on Return Expedition to Antikythera Shipwreck

15/6/2016 (Hellenic Ministry of Culture, in Greek): Ανασκαφή /Έρευνα στο Ναυάγιο των Αντικυθήρων

5/12/2014 (Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation): Academic event for the announcement of the results and findings of the excavation, as well as the future of the excavation

9/10/2014 (Hellenic Ministry of Culture, in Greek): Official Press Release about the 2014 expedition

9/10/2014 (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution): Stunning Finds from Ancient Greek Shipwreck – New Antikythera Discoveries Prove Luxury Cargo Survives

28/11/2012 (Hellenic Ministry of Culture, in Greek): Υποβρύχια αρχαιολογική έρευνα στην περιοχή Αντικυθήρων από την Εφορεία Εναλίων Αρχαιοτήτων και το Αμερικάνικο Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution